Michlet calculates the total resistance, far-field wave elevations, free-wave spectra and sea-bed pressures of thin monohulls and multihulls. (A very popular feature is that other marine software such as Delftship and FreeShip export Michlet input files). Artificial life methods are used to minimise resistance and wave elevations. Examples bundled with the program include kayaks, rowing shells, catamarans, proas, SWATH, trimarans, tetramarans, submarines, frigates and destroyers.
Recent changes to Windows and some NVIDIA drivers caused many Michlet graphic features to be painfully slow. Version 9.33 fixes these problems for now. (But don't be surprised if Windows changes again!)
Free Versions
Michlet version 9.33 can be downloaded here. Discussions can be viewed at the Software Forum in the thread Michlet 9.33 Released.
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